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The Studio

Our studio offers a broad range of construction techniques so we are able to realise our clients’ creative ideas from small through to large scale projects. We are flexible with regard to style and budget requirements, and have the facilities to work on diverse projects from privately-commissioned hallway leaded lights to large-scale abstract installations.

An attractive stained glass window can be made with no modification to the glass itself, since there is such a vast choice of glass colours and textures available. However, there are additional creative techniques that can be used to give a more sophisticated  appearance by incorporating decorative elements or imagery into the design. We use a diverse range of decorative techniques in our studio.

We also offer a restoration and repair service for damaged panels and can re-size panels to fit new frames. Stained glass can also be encapsulated into sealed units, so if you are changing your old window frames to modern double glazing systems, we can remove your existing stained glass and return it to you encapsulated to fit the modern frames. Stained glass can last for several hundred years (depending on its location) if correctly maintained, but many people prefer the reassurance of a double glazed unit to protect the panel and to improve home insulation.

If you have a stained glass design in mind but installing as a window is not feasible, or perhaps have acquired a panel that you would like to display, there are several options. Panels can simply be framed with wood or metal and hung or stood in a window, or fixed in front of a window using clips.

When backlit they make stunning and original interior lighting – either with stand-off mounting or within an enclosed light-box that can be hung or recessed into a wall. Larger panels can even be used as room-dividers and screens.  We can supply these items made to measure, with or without artificial lighting (fitted by qualified electrician), please contact us to discuss your requirements.