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The degree of client involvement in the design process varies from project to project.  Some clients have a very specific design in mind whereas others prefer to leave the whole creative process up to us.  

Or you may just have one element of the design in mind, for example, a certain colour scheme or a particular image or style - we will discuss this with you and work towards a design that you are happy with. To help to visualise the final appearance of the work, we can provide an in situ image of the design.

Inspiration for a window design can come from many sources and can be figurative or abstract in style, perhaps in the style of a particular art movement or artist. The stained glass work can be subtle, perhaps just included as border detail in muted colours, or can be a dramatic wall of colour that transforms the light entering a room. For traditional leaded lights, you can choose from an original period design (matched to any existing stained glass if required).  

The window could reflect the character of the house, garden or surrounding landscape. It may include depictions of flora, fauna, the weather and seasons.  

A design can include the human form or even a portrait of family members or pets. The design could include imagery to commemorate a particular event or history of a building, or depict an occupation or trade, for example on business premises. Poetry or literature is often a great source of inspiration too - even a favourite piece of music can be represented.

In situ image of proposed design sent to the client before making the panels.

1/10 scaled design

The Design